Words by Lee Sharrock.

A stellar crowd from film, fashion and music braved the January rain to attend the opening of ‘States of Reverie‘ at Scream Gallery – rock royalty in the form of the Sex Pistol’s bass guitarist Glenn Matlock, fashion designer Henry Holland, model James Jagger, cinematographer Rain Li, and actor Sean Pertwee viewed the work of young and emerging artists from all corners of the globe.

Each artist explores and creates an alternative reality, taking you on a journey away from the drab London streets to another world; Mexican Photographer Guillermo de Zamacona, for instance, exhibited dream-like photographs of a woman floating in a forest surrounded by Monarch butterflies, and a shimmering chain mail clad female knight; Polish artist Malgosia Stepnik’s exhibited surreal paintings framed with LED illuminated frames;  Slade graduate Clare Chapman’s amorphous still-lifes were juxtaposed with the surreal imagery of South Korean artist Chinwook Kim, whose delicate application of Chinese ink creates a synergy of nature and the human form.  Ann-Marie James, meanwhile – another Slade graduate – showed her exquisite drawings ‘Digital’ and ‘Boner’, inspired by anatomy books.

Elsewhere, Dutch artist LG White painstakingly created two mechanical pencil and ink drawings, the surreal ‘Inside a Bubble’ depicting a Utopian state based on Fuller’s ‘Spaceship Earth’.  Equally surreal was British artist Wayne Chisnall’s life-size model kit of himself, with his disembodied head and limbs cast in green plastic, and mounted on the wall.

Lee Sharrock is a curator, and the founder of Lee Sharrock PR; States Of Reverie runs at Scream Gallery until February 20th, 2011.