EXHIBITION: States of Mindscream-,

Scream Gallery, London

May April 10th -June 2nd  2012

In States of Mind  Stepnik explores the Jungian concept of the individuation by evoking through her paining the conflicting emotions experienced  by every one of us. Artist paintings tend to provoke a spiritual experience in the viewer. The works are framed by Led lights, which subtle changes of colour giving a similar effect to that of the richly coloured stained glass in a Cathedral.

Jung’s concern with the age-old philosophical question of opposites was explored in his work Mysterium, his exploration of dualism is examined by Malgosia in her paintings, which allude to our opposing sentiments.

The Paintings in this exhibition could be read as an exploration of not only emotional states, but of our genetic make up. A work such as Bliss could be seen as depiction of neuroscience through art, with its complex layer and intricately weaved molecular forms reminiscent of the cellular aspects of the nervous system. This skilful combination of paining skills with psychology, lends a complexity and depth to Stepnik’s accomplished practice. Malgosia’s approach is totally unique, and with each kaleidoscopic biomorphic work containing it’s own language, she creates a sensory experience which will never be repeated.

Exhibition title “States of Mind” refers to representation by each individual illuminated work, of a specific feeling or emotion. For Malgosia’s first Solo exhibition at Scream, she has created an impressive body of Illuminated works which pulsate and almost appear as living beings.