21 April – 22 May 2016


Detail of Fearless, Malgosia Stepnik, 2016.

Introduction by Hilary Gallo author of “Power of Soft”

At the right time there is a path that appears for all of us. This path is subtle and is often partly hidden but it lies in wait nonetheless, making its quiet call. The invitation may be to a quest into lands beyond; an outward journey of our warrior male. Or it may be a challenge to go within; to explore an internal landscape of our sacred female. Each takes us somewhere unexplored; the dark wood, the lustrous lands. Our prize is to return to the world we left behind with fresh treasure.

So it is here. After years of gradual shifting plates it is time now for the earth to erupt and to explode from deep within. This eruption is triggered by a new love, a shared joy explored in passion where a fresh seed is driven deep into fertile soil. The fecundity of motherhood beckons the young ship out of port onto fresh seas carrying her precious cargo within. At once she links to knowledge deeply embodied. As a carrier of seed she already knows how to ride the waves, taking the strains of the seas beneath her as fresh revitalising winds fill her waiting sails and press her further into this new life.

Once at sea, the storms of quest take up the transformation and take us beyond all expectation. Seek and ye shall find it is said. But what is truly to be born from the seed we do not yet know when we choose to go on our search. A time thus comes in the deepest quests when the life we carry in the deepest most intimate recesses of our still travelling hull must quietly pass out of life only for its place of warmth to be taken by a furiously gathering, even more insistent cargo. A cargo that honours the love it finds there and which sustains us in grief with the deeply held assurance that its seed was always the true purpose of this quest.

From this indebted seed comes something truly ferocious: a surfacing of the deepest life forces we each hold within. Each line, each form, each colour, each texture conveys out part of the emotion that holds them present within. Now they are out and on the walls of the cave their force is there to be walked through, felt and understood. We see the within now without. We can see the predators we fear and the hopes we have and we can feel them viscerally for what they mean to us.

We can now ask ourselves.

What lies within?


Malgosia was born in Poland in 1978. She is a multidisciplinary artist and has been based in the United Kingdom since 1999. She now lives and works between London and Oxfordshire.

She was educated at the University of Wroclaw, Poland, in Sociology with Psychology and Philosophy. After moving to London in October 1999, she became the first Polish person to graduate from Christie’s Modern and Contemporary Art Studies. She attended the Chelsea College of Art and Design, and was later awarded a First Class BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art Painting from City & Guilds of London Art School.

She has been exhibited world-wide; at galleries and art fairs in London, New York, Pietrasanta in northern Italy and Istanbul.

Through her work, Malgosia reflects on and confronts her powerful feelings about society and the environment in today’s world – loneliness, starvation, self-destruction, emotional and physical abuse, human and animal torture, and death. Her projects are informed by her extensive travelling, with visits to western, eastern and Mediterranean Europe, (including Spain, France, Greece and Turkey), India, Japan, the United States and South America.

Malgosia has much to say about the themes inspired by her observations on these journeys which she communicates through several media – with oil (her Madonna series), acrylic (abstract works), ink pen drawings, light (illuminated works), photography (the Body Works), installation (Malgosia Stepnik Space, City of Angels), film and live performance (City of Angels), and writing.

Hers is a distinctive and immediately recognisable style. She has developed a technique of her own, based upon the circle, which produces a dramatic 3-dimensional optical effect. Her technique was achieved through a variety of influences; the works of old masters, neuroscientific research into the human mind, colour theory and the Japanese painters Utagawa Kuniyoshi and Yaoi Kusama. The result is a hybrid of George Seurat’s Pointillism, Bridget Riley’s Op Art and Kusama’s obsessive dotting.

During the last 6 years Malgosia has undertaken extensive research into psychology and neuroscience, moved her studio to the English countryside, acquired Rose (a white German Shepherd dog) and Antoine (a wolfdog hybrid), and opened Malgosia Stepnik Space, her shop/gallery in Clapham in south London.

Following three weeks in India, Malgosia is currently preparing a new body of work informed by landscapes. She is also working on her biggest project to date: Malgosia Stepnik  Home, which takes her practice to yet another, more utilitarian dimension – the everyday living space – for which she has designed a range of fabrics, wallpapers, rugs, furniture, small objects, wearable items and more, all directly derived from her art.


Malgosia Stepnik Space, is a hybrid of a shop, art gallery, artist workshop, showroom. It is designed to be  also cultural place where people from different fields meet and become inspired. The Space is friendly , quirky,  friendly environment – comfortable and welcoming.

The idea is to invite the viewer into the artist’s creative space , to share her passions and preoccupations , to entice and entertain with a combination of interior design, paining, structure, display, fashion and fantasy. And of course You’ll be able to take elements home with you… As it is a shop too.

The Space can be used also in the evenings, weekends  for a work  meeting, wine tastings, film viewing etc.