Exhibition : Journey to self MS Art- Exhibitions-Journey to self- image 3

OCTOBER 5TH – 17th 2010

A new collection of work by Polish Artist Malgosia Stepnik, are brought together in Chelsea’s  Art Gallery Studio 54.  Stepnik is renowned for her fearless use of colour, shape and patterning to produce startling images reflecting her journey towards self-discovery – a visceral approach, which means the work is intensely personal  and highly seductive. Malgosia’s obsessive splashes, intertwined with a wide palette of hugs and skin-like patterning, create a chaotic tapestry, a kaleidoscope of biomorphic forms expressing archetypal themes like suppression, gender and sexuality. With images that balance on the brink of overwhelming intensity, she parodies our motions of modernism, and happily tears aside the closed curtains of conservative expression.

Adding further forceful effect on imagination, the exhibition is augmented by sound light and film designed to strengthen the impact of the images on the viewer’s emotional state, just as in Greek Tragedy, where the story is men ate to bring the viewer into state of Catharsis – release.

Malgosia Stepnik said :  “There are times when my mind does not stop obsessing about the absolutely unchangeable moments. The eery of worry, sadness, hysteria, anger, love, excitement, empathy and pain runs through my body and helped to create this body of work. As I believe my responsibility as an artist is to share my story through medium of my art”